When you walk inside Craven, you’ll know you’ve found your new home away from home in Midtown Manhattan.The luxurious yet charming atmosphere means you’ll feel comfortable here day or night—whether with friends, family or clients.

The space is remarkably intimate and charming, despite the fact that – at 6,000 square feet – there’s more than enough room for everybody. White brick, rich wood and polished brass highlight Craven’s upscale feel, while camel brown leather, and plum and cream linens make for a comfortable yet classic dining experience.


Leave your attitude at the door when you step into Craven. Enter and you’ll find an inspiring mix of the best people, cuisine, cocktails and service that New York City has to offer.


With one foot in Hell’s Kitchen and the other in Hudson Yards, Craven lives and breathes the classic history of old New York while embracing the modern beauty of the new, constantly changing skyline.

This passionate take on the “modern classic” is imbued into every aspect of service at Craven, from the design and décor, to the chef’s simple yet
refined menu choices.

Come for a breakfast meeting, a weekend brunch, a corporate dinner or a late night cocktail – Craven does it all.